Xepg Requires DVBViewer version 6.0+ and DVBViewer Media Server version 2.0+ (if using):

If you upgrade Xepg from versions, you MUST read How to Install/Upgrade/Remove

Xepg version (11.06.2017)

Fix: Too many blank lines in the EPG output in some cases.

Change: EPG Format Editor → Where to display TreeView: AutoExpand set to False. Works better.

Add: LineBreaks.xml as an example EPG Format File. Try this one out.

Xepg version (08.06.2017)

Fix: Xepg will now read all settings xml files (Pairings, Language, EPGFormats) if they are well-formed. It is no longer possible to make a blank line using space in Some Text. Instead use:

Add: EPG Format Editor → Information → Line Break. Drop as many line breaks you want.

Add: ManyLineBreaks.xml as an example EPG Format File. Just meant for experiments.

Add: Logging when reading settings xml files.

Add: Help file Format.rtf updated.

Xepg is NOT designed to work with the combination DVBViewer 6.x/Recording Service 1.x.