Xepg Requires DVBViewer version 6.0+ and DVBViewer Media Server version 2.0+ (if using):

If you upgrade Xepg from versions, you MUST read How to Install/Upgrade/Remove

Xepg version (02.10.2018)

Add: Xepg requires full access rights to the DVBViewer Media server. This is now checked and logged. Don't use the credentials from the Guest account.

Fix: Options → DVBViewer Media Server → IP/Machine: The default value is now localhost instead of since the latter can cause problems in some cases. If you have it as recommended to change it to localhost.

Add: Help file changed: Options.rtf.

Xepg version (24.08.2018)

Changed: When a channel pairing has been done/changed followed by a Test Import it is no longer needed to relaunch all DVBViewer clients. The DVBViewer clients will immediately respond to such a change thanks to the new EPG update strategy in DVBViewer 6.1.2 and DVBViewer Media Server 2.1.2. The content of the reminder box has been changed accordingly.

Fix: Options → DVBViewer Media Server → Detect Clients (button). Detected clients are now added to the client list instead of replacing them.

Add: Help files changed: Main.rtf, Options.rtf, Automate.rtf.

NOTE: You should only upgrade Xepg to version if you have upgraded DVBViewer to 6.1.2 (and DVBViewer Media Server to 2.1.2).