Xepg Requires DVBViewer version 6.0+ and DVBViewer Media Server version 2.0+ (if using):

If you upgrade Xepg from versions, you MUST read How to Install/Upgrade/Remove

Xepg version (04.10.2019)

add: Support for https downloads of xmltv files.

Xepg version (04.08.2019)

change: Error message text if connection to DMS fails.

fix: In case of only title is present in the xmltv file an access violation could happen.

Xepg version (16.06.2019)

change: Options -> General -> Import XMLTV Into: Auto (not recommended) is no longer allowed. You will get a warning if you had that setting.

add: upgraded OXml SAX parser, the old version produced a memory leak on certain exceptions.

fix: Detect DMS http server response on POST.

add: Passwords and optionally download links are now saved encrypted.

add/change: Genre search strategy. English.xml is no longer hardcoded as the extra genre search file. Detailed example in the help file to the XMLTV Job Editor.

add: The delivered EPG Format files cannot be overwritten from within Xepg. You will get a list of files if you try to.

removed: Log Not Found Genres checkbox in the EPG Format Edditor. It will always do it if Search for ETSI 300 468 code is checked (the default).

fix: Filename of NoHits.txt changed to <xmltv file name> + _NoHits.txt (e.g. honeybee_Nohits.txt).

add: Help file EditJob.rtf contains a detailed examlpe on Genre search.

Xepg version (10.03.2019)

fix/add: Xepg will now accept TS Stream channels even if they are not yet autoupdated (e.g. tuned). The old version rejected channels with Audio and Video pids both equal to 0.

add: Leading and trailing white space is no longer removed in the xml settings files (e.g the EPG Format Editor files). You can now get an output like [3] (2:7) for the Season and Episode numbers by entering a space as "Delimiter (Season/Episode/Part)" for the Episode (xmltv_ns) "Information". Use the new Default2019.xml as format file or edit your own.

change: "SubTitle" renamed to "SubHeader".

add: Help file Format.rtf updated. Read about Xepg series recording support.

Xepg version (02.10.2018)

Add: Xepg requires full access rights to the DVBViewer Media server. This is now checked and logged. Don't use the credentials from the Guest account.

Fix: Options → DVBViewer Media Server → IP/Machine: The default value is now localhost instead of since the latter can cause problems in some cases. If you have it as recommended to change it to localhost.

Add: Help file changed: Options.rtf.

Xepg version (24.08.2018)

Changed: When a channel pairing has been done/changed followed by a Test Import it is no longer needed to relaunch all DVBViewer clients. The DVBViewer clients will immediately respond to such a change thanks to the new EPG update strategy in DVBViewer 6.1.2 and DVBViewer Media Server 2.1.2. The content of the reminder box has been changed accordingly.

Fix: Options → DVBViewer Media Server → Detect Clients (button). Detected clients are now added to the client list instead of replacing them.

Add: Help files changed: Main.rtf, Options.rtf, Automate.rtf.

NOTE: You should only upgrade Xepg to version if you have upgraded DVBViewer to 6.1.2 (and DVBViewer Media Server to 2.1.2).