To create the file EPGParingList.txt residing in the DVBViewer configuration folder. This file is used by DVBViewer and the DVBViewer Media Server (if installed) to port EPG from one channel to one or more other channels. A line in the file could look like this

560751017331960,2031036832546856,1981572490457876 //Favorites\YouSee\NDR -> "T-Entertain (ger)\T-Entertain\NDR","T-Entertain (ger)\T-Entertain\NDR HD"

The numbers are EPGIDs. The first one is the Source channel (delivers EPG), the following is/are Target channel(s) which recieves EPG from the Source channel. Only native (DVB) EPG can be handled this way. If you have external EPG via Xepg for a channel you should use the EPG Sharing (pair more than one DVBViewer channel to one xmltv channel) in Xepg. It is posible to use Xepg in combination with EpgPair.

Step 1

First you must define which channels are Source channels and which are Target channels, visualized by the S/T state icons. You must do that even if you have created a file manually using a text editor. In most cases a Search is convenient:

You can change the state manually as well by a mouse click on the state icon or by the keyboard:

Left, Right: Close, Open tree nodes. Space: Toggle state.

Click Save Channels to save settings to file EpgPair.channels. This file makes it possible to keep track of EPGID Orphants and drastically reduces the number of participants in the channel paring process. An EPGID Orphant is an EPGID that exists in the file EpgPair.channels but no longer is present in the DVBViewer channel list.

Step 2

Click Auto Pair... and get:

You can run this as many times you want, it will never delete any pairings. If Ask X is checked you must confirm the pairing for that match type.

Using the upper example and settings auto pair finds all pairings:

Manually pair/unpair:

Unpair by right click (Shift+F10) on a paired node (P state icon) and select UnPair...

Pair by first selecting a Source channel (red icon with arrow) then right click a Target channel.


When you launch the pairing window yo might get an information:

Note: To make DVBViewer/DVBViewer Media Server use (reload) the newly created file EPGParingList.txt you must close and restart DVBViewer (and DVBViewer Media Server if installed). Additionally you must tune the Source channel to see the effect immediately.