You might have a TV guide file (xml) with no stop times!

The default setting is to ignore programme tags with no stop times.

View the documentation of your grabber to see if including stop times is an option (a parameter?) or contact your XMLTV provider. You will get the best EPG quality if stop times are included in your file. If this is not possible, check "Calculate" in "Missing stop times" group when adding an XMLTV file.

If "missing stop times" is not the problem you can test the validity of the tvguide xml file by opening it in Internet Explorer. If this goes well without Internet Explorer protesting any way your file is OK.

If Internet Explorer complains about a missing xmltv.dtd, please download XMLTV standard (DTD) and copy the file xmltv.dtd to the folder of your tvguide xml. This way you will at the same time check if your file confirms to the XMLTV standard.

If the file is too big for Internet Explorer or nothing is displayed select (temporarely!) the Microsoft MSXML DOM engine in the XMLTV Job Editor. If this goes well the file is OK (well-formed). Opdateret d. 29.4.2015