If you are using DVBViewer Media Server/Recording Service you should normally install Xepg on the same pc as DVBViewer Media Server/Recording Service.

Simply run the self extracting file setupxepgxxxx.exe.

At first launch of the Xepg.exe an install window will pop up.Click Read Me! (button).

NOTE: Xepg version REQUIRES DVBViewer version 6.0+ (and DVBViewer Media Server 2.0+). Older versions of Xepg REQUIRE older versions of DVBViewer (and Recording Service).


First uninstall old version from Windows Start Menu or Windows Control Panel. Then install new version. It is NOT recommended to install on top of the old installation.

You won't lose any channel parings or other settings. Se TheFiles.rtf in Xepg Data Folder.

If you have created Windows or Recording Service/DVBViewer Media Server Task(s) for automation it/they will still work assuming Xepg is installed in the same folder.

NOTE1: if you upgrade to Xepg version from versions you must set the EPG handling back to default in DVBViewer 6.x:

If you have not yet uninstalled Xepg 0.6.x.x then Xepg → Options → Syncronize (General) → Set EPG reception of DVBViewer channels back to default (button). Otherwise do it in the DVBViewer 6.x Channel Editor:

Collapse the channel treeview (F7), select all channels (Shift+Up/Down) and Check all 3 EPG Types.

Click Apply and remember to save the channel list. If the DVBViewer Media Server is running then Stop and Start it to make it reload the channel list.

NOTE2: If you upgrade from pre version to version the install window will pop up again. Click Execute (button) then OK (button).

Remove installation:

  1. Launch Xepg.

  2. For Xepg versions ealier than Options → Syncronize (general) → Set EPG reception of DVBViewer channels back to default (button).

  3. If you just temporarely don't want to use Xepg, you can stop here.

  4. Click link Xepg Data Folder in main window and keep this folder view open.

  5. Close Xepg.

  6. Uninstall Xepg.

  7. In Xepg Data Folder view go up one level and delete folder Xepg. You will then ofcourse lose all settings and other files in Xepg Data Folder.