XchannelEdit (17-04-2016)

fix: The GoTo window was not immediately updated after a few commands.

add: It is now possible to tune different IPTV channels even if they have the same Network ID, Stream ID and Service ID (False Duplicates). This is independent of the next:

add: Edit -> Make IPTV External EPG ready (Click "IPTV and External EPG" at home page).

add: Channel Info extended.

add: File Info extended a bit.

add: GoTo and Check/Uncheck By Channel properties added to View menu.

add: File -> Append As Checked. You can then easily move the appended channels to the desired position.

add: File -> Append As Unchecked.

add: Options -> Settings -> Category-Root Separator.

Check/Uncheck -> By Channel properties:

add: Speakers Stereo/Left/right

add: Individual EPG reception flags (bit0 - bit7)

add: Auto Update On/Off (DVBViewer 5.6.0+)

add: Has RDS (Radio Data System) Yes/No

With checked do:

add: Save Checked As. If you afterwards delete checked channels you have splitted the channel list into 2 lists.

add: Set Speakers

add: Set Individual EPG reception flags (bit0 - bit7)

add: Set Auto Update (DVBViewer 5.6.0+)

add: Set Has RDS (Radio Data System)

site upgraded: Home, Tutorial Example, IPTV and External EPG.

Help files upgraded: Main.rtf, IPTV2Xepg.rtf, CheckUncheck.rtf.

XchannelEdit (16-03-2016)

Add: The GoTo window is now made non-modal, meaning you don't need to close it for accessing the general user interface (Main window, Check/Uncheck by channel properties).

Fix: Accelerator keys (the underlined characters) are removed in non-modal windows: GoTo window, Check/Uncheck by channel properties. If you want to navigate by keyboard use TAB, SPACE, ARROWS.

Change: Check/Uncheck by channel properties window (still non-modal) reworked.

Add: The navigation function keys in the GoTo window allways works (unless a modal window is shown). Tip: Allways have the GoTo window open.

Add: Shortcut keys for setting focus shown in the caption of non-modal windows.

Add: If you don't close non-modal windows when you exit XchannelEdit (Ctrl+X) they will automatically be shown on you next visit.

Fix: The dragimage for drag and drop showed up just by clicking a channel (a known Delphi XE2 bug). It now waits untill the drag actually begins.

Fix: The channel name editor window was not properly DPI scaled for windows 125% magnification.

Add: Help (backup strategy, using the keyboard,...) and About box in main window.

Add: If a help button is present in a window, F1 will work (the window must have focus if non-modal).

Add: Modal windows can be closed using ESC.

Add: Help files upgraded.

Add: A few more options in Settings.

Add: Home site upgraded (Screenshots, How To Install/Upgrade/Remove, Changelog).

Add: Tutorial example upgraded