If you are using Recording Service you should normally install XchannelEdit on the same pc as Recording Service.

Simply run the self extracting file setupxchanneleditXXXX.exe.

At first launch of the XchannelEdit.exe you will be asked to launch DVBViewer if not running.


First uninstall old version from Windows Start Menu or Windows Control Panel. Then install new version. It Is NOT recommended to install on top of the old installation.

You won't lose any settings.

Remove installation:

  1. Launch XchannelEdit.

  2. Select Options -> Folders... and open the XchannelEdit Data Folder (link).

  3. Open the DVBViewer Data Folder (link).

  4. Close XchannelEdit.

  5. Uninstall XchannelEdit from Windows Start Menu or Windows Control Panel.

  6. In XchannelEdit Data Folder view go up one level and delete folder XchannelEdit. You will then ofcourse lose all settings and other files in XchannelEdit Data Folder.

  7. The file channels.Xdel might exits in the DVBViewer Data Folder. Delete it.